INCLE Training of Trainers

On 18 September, INCLE held its first Training of Trainers (TOT) with the theme "Vibrant Communication". This activity is a series of events of Educating and Equipping Tomorrow's Justice Reformers’ (E2J) Closing Conference, which also held at Hotel Gran Mahakam, on September 17th.

This TOT was attended by approximately 90 participants, both from the Legal Clinic lecturers from law faculties and Civil Society Organization (CSO). The training is intended to enhance the participants’ skills in developing ideas (which, in this training, was mainly focused on clinical legal education class’ field trip) and how to present them in creative and innovative manners. The main principles of this training is about full participation, mutual understanding, and everything is a joint decision and responsibility for each group. All activites were also conducted by trainers in creative methods, such as ice breaking, music, and visual design through posters making.

This actually relates to one of the Clinical Legal Education principles, which is ‘experential learning’. It is important for the lecturers to be able to innovate and to have creative thinking in their teaching and learning process, where the main goal is to have a dynamic and participative teaching methods in law education.


The Participants and Facilitators of INCLE Training of Trainers