Deadline Extention for Final Paper Submission -The 2nd INCLE Conference (2016)

We would like to inform that the deadline for the final paper submission is extended until February 10th, 2016. The announcement on the selected papers will be informed later.The full papers has to be submitted in accordance with a template downloadable here, no later than Thursday, January 28, 2016. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the Assessment Team who determine whether the paper is eligible to be published in the Conference proceedings. Please note that papers which are not made according to the template will not be reviewed.


INCLE welcomes all academicians, students, activists, and society who have passion to write on the issues of legal clinic development with the following themes:
I.   Theme: “The Fundamentals of Clinical Legal Education for Social Justice"
       a. Social Justice Perspective in Clinical Legal Education;
       b. The Role of Justice Reformers for Legal Development in Indonesia;
       c. The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Strengthening Legal Clinics in Indonesia;
       d. Diversity in Clinical Legal Education Curicullum .
II.   Theme: “Achieving Social Justice through Anti-Corruption advocation” 
III.  Theme: “Achieving Social Justice through Women and Children Rights Protection”
IV.   Theme: “Achieving Social Justice through Environmental Awareness”
V.    Theme: “Lesson learned and Clinical Legal Education Achievement”
VI.   Theme: “Ethics and Methods of Clinical Legal Education"
VII.  Theme: “Networking for Clinical Legal Education Development”
VIII. Theme: “The Development of Clinical Legal Education Models in Indonesia”


1.    The author have to submit an abstract paper (300-500 words).
2.    The author have to submit a short biography (not more than 100 words) which includes:
      •    Full name
      •    Academic titles (if any)
      •    Last education
      •    Areas of expertise
      •    Date of birth
      •    Office's address/phone number
      •    Personal phone number that can be contacted
3.    Abstracts must includes these following information:
      a.    author's name;
      b.    author's affiliation;
      c.    submission title;
      d.    paper contents; and
      e.    paper keywords.
4.    Deadline for abstracts submission: Nov 29th, 2015 (extended to Dec 4th, 2015).
5.    The applicants will be notified of acceptance in 1 (one) week after the abstract is accepted and verified.
6.    If the notification is not received by the applicants within the specified time, the committee can be contacted via email through
7.    Deadline for final paper submission: Jan 28th, 2016 (extended to Feb 10th, 2016).
8.    Both abstracts and final papers must not contain issues of racial intolerance, resentment against a particular group, or any form of discrimination.
9.    Both abstracts and final papers must be free from plagiarism issue, in part or entirety, which is indicated by enclosing a 'Statement Letter' that can be downloaded           here.
10.   Both abstracts and final papers must be submitted in PDF format.
11.   Abstracts and final papers can be submitted by email to: with subject: "Abstracts/Final Papers for INCLE's Conference 2016".
12.   Qualified papers will be selected by the committee (panel of assesors from INCLE) and the decisions is inviolable.



1.    Qualified papers will be presented in INCLE's 2nd Conference for Clinical Legal Education (2016) which will take place in Universitas Udayana, Bali.
2.    INCLE will NOT cover the transportation and accommodation costs for the authors of qualified papers, and will only cover for the Conference Registration Fee.
3.    Qualified papers will be printed and published in INCLE's Conference proceedings.
4.    Qualified papers will be published in some law academic journals such as Jurnal Hukum dan Pembangunan (by Universitas Indonesia), Hasanuddin Law Review (by        Universitas Hasanuddin), etc.